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Regular Shape punches dies :: Irregular Shape punches & dies
Manufacturer of Dies & punches; Tablet dies & punches Tabletting machine, Pharma machinery, Pharmaceutical machinery, Tablet compression tooling located at Ahmedabad
JAYSHREE Manufacturer & Exporter of Tabletting Punches & Dies And Pharmaceutical Machiery
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Regular Shape
[Round, Capsule, Oval, Geometric Shape]

Regular Shap Tablet dies punches with Round dies, capsul dies, oval dies. Other shape tablet dies punching machine is also available.

Irregulare Shape
[Animal, Diamond, Special Shape]

Irregular Shape Dies and Punches manufacturing on order basis with Best results in customize tablet punches and dies.

Core Rod Tooling

We are Core manufacturer of Core-rod Dies & Punches that produce tablets having hole in center.

Sealedgrove Punch

Sealed grove Punch and Dies Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We are regular supplier of Sealed grove Punch and Dies in India to Well-known Pharmaceutical companies.

Amoung the many factor that go into
steel selection for the manufacturer of Punches & Dies for the tablet are tonnaged required, chemical atmosphere, abrasive nature of the product, turret speed; cup depth, location of embossing, bisect land and physical condition of press.

For general punches application oil hardened non-shrinking steel S grade are chosen because they combine high toughness and low to medium wear resistance. The Principal alloying elements in this steel are manganese, silicon and chromium, tungsten, moly & dennum in percentage wise. It is applicable to all pharmaceutical industries in normal application , We call it is JAYSHREE-S (Standard).

For high wear application D-2, D-3 high carbon high chromium steel is recommend . D-2 HCHCr steel are abrasive resistance, but don't have. The ductility or toughness of the S grade of steel. D-2 Punch are susceptible to cracking and caution must be exercised in application with embossed & deep cup Punches. D-3 steel is used for Dies only. These grades of steel are referring as premium steel for tools, we called it as a JAYSHREE-P (Premium).

For corrosive products SS 440 C Stainless steel is used for the Punches. This grade has low toughness rating and wears resistance falls between S&D series of steel. It is applicable to chemical industries where corrosion is main factor than wear resistance, we called it JAYSHREE-440 C.

Please note that no single tool material has combine maximum wear resistance, toughness and corrosion resistance. Consequently, the selection of proper steel for Punches & Dies may required an optimal combination of properties.



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