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>>> Packing Section >> Blister De-Foiling Machine (GMP)

A development for reclamation of Tablets/Capsules etc. From rejected blister packs. De-blist is very special designs for blister packing machine. It's provide economy, Flexibility and easy operation.

Technical Data
Type JTS - 1
Electric Motor 220/240 V, 60 RPM, 1/30 HP.
Capasity ( Pack Width ) 30 TO 100 MM.
Output 30 Packs / Min Using 100 MM Packs.
Overall Dimension Height 350 MM
Depth 360 MM
Width 480 MM
Net Weight 60 Kgs [ Approx.]


  • Easily cleaned.
  • Stainless steel are use in all contact parts
  • Blister pack cannot be inserted up side down.
  • All reclaimed Tablets/Capsules are fully free from foil and plastic.
  • Operates at 50 strips per minute and will accept any length of pack from 60mm upwards with widths from 30mm to 100mm.
  • Fully adjustable Tablets/Capsules shape and blister pack configuration.
  • Deblist is fully guarded for operator's safety lines
  • Deblist is mounted on trolley with castors for easy relocation and transferring between packaging lines.




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